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Classic Cacao Mushroom Hot Chocolate

Classic Cacao Mushroom Hot Chocolate

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At Rawmio, we believe what you eat (and drink!) should make you feel amazing. Yep, even chocolate. By using elevated ingredients like antioxidant-rich, raw Peruvian cacao and adaptogenic mushrooms, we've put a functional spin on a comforting classic.

Our classic cacao blend is made with 70% raw dark chocolate and 4 concentrated medicinal mushrooms renowned for their immunity and cognitive support benefits: Lion's Mane, Chaga, Reishi, and Cordyceps Militaris. Simply blend with water or your choice of milk for the ultimate hug-in-a-mug, or try them blended into coffee for an instant mocha with superfood benefits. 



Raw Chocolate Chips°(Raw Cacao Nibs°, Coconut Sugar°, Raw Cacao Butter°), Coconut Sugar°, Raw Cacao Powder°, Mushroom Extracts°(Lions Mane°, Chaga°, Reishi°, Cordyceps Militaris°), Vanilla Bean Powder°, Himalayan Pink Salt.


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