What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, known as CBD for short, is an active compound in cannabis commonly used to support health and wellness. While THC - the other main active compound in cannabis - is highly psychoactive (hence why it is used recreationally), CBD does not act on the same neural pathways within the brain and does not produce a high. That being said, it is normal to feel more relaxed and at ease after consuming CBD.*

Where Does Your CBD Come From?

Our CBD comes from organically grown, non-GMO hemp sourced right here in the USA. In order to produce the purest cannabidiol, our hemp plants have been selectively bred to maximize CBD concentration.*

How is Your CBD Extracted? 

Our CBD is extracted at low temperatures and without the use of chemicals. Each batch of CBD is third-party lab tested and guaranteed to be free of contaminants.*

What is Nano CBD and Why is it Better?

The term "nano" refers to specific particle size - a very, very small particle to be precise. Essentially, we’ve taken our organic CBD extract, and through a unique ultrasonic nano processing technique, reduced its particle size so it’s even easier for the body to absorb. This means a faster-acting and more bioavailable CBD.*

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are the molecules in plants that give them their specific flavor profile. Beyond having a very distinct taste, certain plant terpenes also have health benefits and can impact the way we feel.*

Why do you add CBD to chocolate?

Yes, chocolate is delicious, but that's only one of a few reasons why we use it as a carrier for our CBD. Cacao, the base ingredient for all dark chocolate, is one of the most chemically complex foods on earth. The theobromine and caffeine content in cacao are vasodilators – meaning they increase circulation. This effect can also increase the body's ability to absorb and utilize medicinal ingredients such as herbs and extracts, making raw chocolate the perfect medium for something like CBD. Cacao also happens to be rich with powerful antioxidants known as flavonols, minerals such as magnesium, iron, and zinc, as well as endorphin-boosting compounds like PEA and anandamide – both of which have an uplifting effect on the mood. It's a match made in superfood heaven!*

Is CBD Legal?

Yes! Because our pure CBD comes from 100% industrial hemp, not marijuana, it is legal to buy and consume even in states where marijuana has not been legalized. Our CBD comes from hemp that is grown and processed under the strict guidelines of Section 7606 of the 2014 Farm Bill and the Colorado Department of Agricultural Industrial Hemp Pilot Program. Our CBD is classified as hemp oil to be used for nutritional purposes.*

Will CBD get me high?

It is virtually impossible to get high from pure hemp CBD extracted from 100% industrial hemp due to the inherent lack of THC - the compound responsible for marijuana's psychoactive effects.*

Are there any risks to taking CBD?

CBD has a remarkable safety profile; that being said, we can not rule out any and all risk. We encourage you to consult with your doctor or other qualified healthcare professional before undergoing any new supplement or nutritional regime.*

Can I take it if I’m on any medication?

We encourage you to do research and talk to your doctor in regards to consuming CBD while on specific medications.*

What is the carrier oil in your Hemp Extracts?

We use an organic coconut MCT oil as the carrier in our nano CBD extracts. MCT oil is a superfood in its own right with a high concentration of nourishing medium-chain triglycerides which benefit the metabolism and the brain. 

Are there any hidden ingredients?

Nope! We disclose each and every ingredient in our products and don't hide any chemicals under the term "natural flavors". We use botanical terpenes and monk fruit to help flavor balance our CBD extracts.*

Can I ingest CBD while pregnant or nursing?

The use of Hemp CBD is not in and of itself contraindicated by pregnancy, however, each situation is different, and you should always consult with your doctor or qualified health care professional before ingesting hemp CBD, or any other nutritional supplement, while pregnant or nursing.*

Are there any allergies related to CBD?

Our CBD comes from 100% organically grown hemp and is free from traces of many common allergens like gluten, soy, and dairy. While allergic reactions to hemp and/or CBD are extremely uncommon, an allergy to any substance is always possible. We recommend testing out a small amount first before consuming a full dose. A true allergy would manifest pretty quickly. If you've had an allergic reaction to hemp products in the past, such as hemp seeds, hemp oil, or hemp protein, it would be advisable to avoid hemp CBD as well.*

Will CBD show up in a drug test?

The low amounts of THC in industrial hemp make it a more favorable choice for those wanting the medicinal benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects of medical marijuana. That being said, even CBD derived from agricultural hemp may contain trace amounts of THC (under .3%), as well as other cannabinoids within the hemp plant itself. Therefore, if your livelihood or career is on the line, it may be advisable to avoid substances derived from cannabis altogether. If you have concerns we advise you to speak with your doctor or other qualified healthcare professional.*

What is Delta-8 - is it the same as CBD? 

While both of our extracts are derived from hemp, Delta-8 is a form of THC, while CBD is an entirely different cannabinoid altogether. Delta-8 will have a stronger, more psychoactive effect and should be ingested with greater caution. Please keep all CBD and Delta-8 products out of the reach of children and consult with your health practitioner with any questions or concerns about dosing.

Can you take too many probiotics?

While it is technically impossible to overdose on probiotics (there are literally more bacteria cells within our bodies than human ones - trillions and trillions!) if your GI tract is in a state of imbalance, or if this is your first time supplementing with probiotics, it is best to take it slow and build your daily dose over time until you reach the recommended dosage. We suggest taking a daily dose of Sunbiotics probiotics as well as ingesting a variety of probiotic-rich foods such as Sunbiotics snacks, cultured foods like kimchi, and cultured beverages such as kefir or kombucha on a daily basis.

Are Sunbiotics products safe for babies?

Our Sunbiotics Friendler Flora - Kids' Berry formula was developed with children of all ages in mind. If your baby is old enough to ingest solids, they are old enough to start taking a daily dose of Friendlier Flora - and we highly recommend it for a powerful boost to their immune system and digestive health.

I started taking Sunbiotics and my digestion system seems to be disturbed - is this normal?

It is definitely not uncommon to experience symptoms such as gas, bloating, more frequent trips to the restroom, or mild detoxification symptoms when beginning a new probiotic regime. Listen to your body, and start with a smaller dosage if symptoms feel like they are too much. If your symptoms seem concerning or extreme please consult a medical professional as this is not a normal reaction to basic probiotic supplementation.

Are the Sunbiotics probiotics vegan?

Probiotic bacteria, by definition, are living micro-organisms and we, therefore, do not feel a definition of "vegan" is fully appropriate. That being said, our formulas are free of all animal products including dairy and eggs. Our probiotics are also 100% organic and non-GMO.

Do I need to refrigerate my Sunbiotics probiotics?  

Nope! We have worked with a nationally renowned laboratory to bring to market a fully shelf-stable formula- no refrigeration required! We do recommend keeping your Sunbiotics in a cool environment, away from moisture, and out of direct sunlight, and always sealed tightly for ultimate efficacy.

Where do you source your almonds?

Our almonds are unpasteurized, USDA certified organic, and sourced from both Spain and Italy. They are fresh and full of delicious almond flavor!  

What are the benefits of sprouted nuts vs. regular?

All nuts, seeds, and grains contain varying levels of a naturally occurring anti-nutrient called phytic acid. Ingesting too much of this compound can cause malabsorption of nutrients and inhibit the body's ability to properly digest and assimilate our foods. By soaking and sprouting nuts, seeds, and grains an enzymatic process is activated within the germ of the plant, phytic acid is released, and the essential nutrients such as fatty acids and proteins are easier for our bodies to utilize.

Why do you use coconut sugar vs. other sweeteners?

Coconut sugar is our go-to sweetener of choice  - it really is the sugar with benefits! Coconut sugar is naturally high in minerals and has a lower glycemic index than many other sweeteners - even other "whole food" sweeteners like raw cane sugar, honey, or dates. We also love its caramel and maple-like flavor. Our coconut sugar is organic, sustainably grown, and fair trade certified.

Why do you use raw cacao instead of toasted?

Raw cacao is one of the most chemically complex and antioxidant-rich foods on the planet! Many people don't realize that cacao is rich in nutrients such as magnesium, zinc, and even Vitamin C - making it a true superfood. It also contains special compounds that work with our own neurotransmitters to lift our mood and help us feel happy, energized, and inspired. We utilize unheated cacao so that all of these amazing health benefits are preserved.

Where do you source your cacao? Is it fairly traded and ethical?

Cacao is the absolute foundation of our products and the essence of our entire brand. This is why it was paramount that we find the finest quality and most ethically sourced cacao available. We source only single-origin, direct-imported raw, organic, heirloom cacao from small-farm cooperatives in the jungles of Peru. It is both certified USDA Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified. See our Social Responsibility page for more info.

Is your cacao tested for heavy metals?

Yes, our cacao is tested for heavy metals at the source (Peru) and we also perform 3rd party lab testing here in the States. Our cacao falls well within International safety standards for cadmium and lead thresholds. 

Are there health benefits of essential oils found within some of the chocolates?

Essential oils, when organic and of therapeutic-grade, offer the body amazing medicinal benefits. The essential oils such as citrus, ginger, and mint within our raw chocolate treats provide the body with anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties for a boost to the immune system while delivering delicious flavor without the use of artificial or "natural" flavoring agents.  

How does the stone grinding process work? and what are the benefits?

Using stone grinders instead of more conventional nut butter grinding machinery allows us to create silky smooth nut butters that are packed with nutrition and taste absolutely fresh. Stone grinding prevents oxidation and friction, both of which lead to rancidity and nutrient destruction. Our slow stone grinding process takes about 24 hours and temperatures never exceed 100F.

Why do my Rawmio and Dastony butters vary slightly in consistency

We pride ourselves in our small-batch, artisan craftsmanship - it ensures that we have more control over the quality of our products. It does, however, lend to more variation in appearance and texture from batch to batch. While we do our best to keep things consistent, our products are hand-crafted and made without processed stabilizing ingredients and therefore vary just like real fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds found in nature.  

Does my jar of Dastony or Rawmio nut butter need refrigeration after opening?

Nope! all of our butters and spreads have a 12-month shelf life from the date of manufacturing and are entirely shelf-stable, even after opening. Each jar will have a best before date printed on it to ensure you consume it within that time period.  

Is it safe to eat an entire jar of Rawmio chocolate chip cookie dough in 1 day? Asking for a friend...

Let's just say, it HAS been done before and there is zero judgment. None at all. ; )

Can anyone buy CBD?

Our product is made from hemp and does not require a medical license to acquire. We ship to all 50 states and the following countries below:

Cayman Islands
French Polynesia
Hong Kong
Mexico (Currently unavailable)
New Zealand
Puerto Rico
South Africa
South Korea
United Kingdom (UK)
Virgin Island


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.