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Erin Elizabeth's Organic Coffee - Whole Bean - Antioxidant Breakfast Blend - 12oz

Erin Elizabeth's Organic Coffee - Whole Bean - Antioxidant Breakfast Blend - 12oz

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Organic Antioxidant Coffee

Your favorite morning ritual just got a healthy upgrade. Our delicious Arabica breakfast blend contains more antioxidants than most green teas and is gentle on the stomach thanks to our HealthyRoast® patented roasting process.
What is HealthyRoast®?
Green coffee beans are known for being an antioxidant-rich superfood thanks to high levels of polyphenols, but, unfortunately, most of these beneficial compounds are lost during the roasting process. By using the HealthyRoast® process we reintroduce polyphenols back into the roasted coffee beans through an additive and chemical-free water extraction process. Antioxidants are removed prior to roasting, only to be reabsorbed at just the right point in the roasting process. This creates a coffee with 50-100% more antioxidants than other comparable Arabica beans. These increased levels of antioxidants also support the gastric tract, helping to lessen the irritations or acidity typically associated with coffee drinking.
The power of polyphenols
Polyphenols are special plant compounds with immense antioxidant capabilities - meaning they help the body fend itself against free radical damage. When free radical load surpasses the body's ability to defend itself we age sooner, experience more inflammation, and are more susceptible to chronic disease. Antioxidants to the rescue!
An ethical brew
Not only does our coffee have functional health benefits, but it also gets a solid 10 on the eco-friendly scale. Certified organic and sustainably grown at high elevations, rainforest friendly, handpicked, and roasted in small batches to ensure freshness. The perfect brew in every way.
*PH Balanced - low in acid
*Smooth, less bitter taste
*100% Mycotoxin Free (lab-verified!)
*USDA Organic
*Fairly Traded
*Shade Grown and Rainforest Alliance Certified
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